SiteLabs® Platform
SiteLabs Platform

Independent pharmacies don’t have to look further than the SiteLabs® Digital Platform, an all-in-one solution that automates every step of the testing process, allowing you to offer an efficient and profitable point of care testing program.

The SiteLabs Platform Automates:

Platform Automation

Covid Testing with SiteLabs®: A Real Pharmacy's Experience

      Covid may look different now than in 2020, but we are certainly not done with it! Pharmacies like our client in Texas seized the opportunity to offer Covid testing services in November 2021, and over four months generated $33,046 in revenue at an 80.5% ($26,602) margin.

      This pharmacy now has the system in place to offer additional POC tests likeFlu, Mono, Strep, Pregnancy and many more.

      Just pay as you perform the tests!  Your cost to set up and maintain: $0!


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