NY State COVID 19 Testing FAQ

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Does a pharmacy require a CLIA Registration # to participate?

No, a CLIA # is not required to collect specimens for external laboratory testing.

What type of COVID test is utilized in this program?  Is it safe?

It is a saliva PCR test.  The collection method is safe and easy: the pharmacy just observes the specimen collection from the state employee. The employee fills the tube with approximately 1-2 teaspoons worth of saliva (10 ml), seals the tube, inserts the tube into a biohazard bag, and places the bag into the specimen collection box. 

Will SiteLabs provide training?

Yes, systems and collection training will be included in the Digital Welcome Packet provided once your application has been reviewed. 

Are there any special equipment needed for the pharmacy to run the SiteLabs Platform and scan patient QR-codes?

We recommend using a smartphone or tablet to scan QR codes.

Can an employee who has not registered with SiteLabs for collection register at the pharmacy?

Yes, the pharmacy would have the capability to send the registration link to the employee’s smartphone. Pharmacies can also provide a tablet for employees to register. 

What if employees do not have their QR code they received upon registration?

The pharmacy does not have the ability to look up an employee QR code. The employee will be required to re-register per the walk-in procedure (detailed instruction will be provided in the Digital Welcome Packet which will be sent once your application has been reviewed). 

How will I receive the test kits?

Test kits will be shipped to the pharmacy location at the start of the program (at no cost to the pharmacy). 

Is the pharmacy required to pay for any shipping expenses?

No, the pharmacy will not incur any expenses for the delivery of testing kits or the shipment of specimens to the lab. 

Does the collection observer need to wear PPE?

We recommend a contactless experience. Should it be necessary for the observer to take the sample collection from the state employee we recommend wearing gloves.