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6 Holiday Specials to Promote Respiratory Season at Pharmacies

As the holiday season approaches, pharmacies have a unique opportunity to serve their communities with timely and beneficial specials. December and January are notorious for the spike in respiratory diseases, and offering tests like strep and mono can be a game-changer for many families during this busy time of year. Here are six ways to improve customer experience and boost pharmacy revenue over the holidays.

1. Special Offers on Point-of-Care Testing

During the holiday season, quick and accurate diagnosis is more important than ever. Pharmacies can offer special deals on point-of-care testing for common respiratory illnesses like strep throat and mono (mononucleosis). These tests provide rapid results, allowing patients to get the care they need without lengthy waits. This is especially crucial during the holidays when family gatherings and travel plans make time a precious commodity.

2. Bundled Health Packages

To further assist customers, pharmacies can create bundled health packages. These could include a point-of-care test, a consultation with a pharmacist, and relevant over-the-counter medications. This holistic approach not only ensures that patients receive comprehensive care but also offers convenience and value for money, a major consideration for families during the holiday season. Please refer to your state guidelines for test-to-treat protocols.

3. Educational Campaigns and Awareness

The holiday season is an excellent time for pharmacies to run educational campaigns about respiratory illnesses. Informative flyers, emails, and social media posts about the symptoms of strep throat, mono, and other common winter ailments can be very helpful. Education is a powerful tool that can lead to earlier detection and treatment of these conditions. Did you know- SiteLabs Platform customers receive many of these resources as part of their membership!

4. Extended Hours for Convenience

Understanding the hectic nature of the holiday season, pharmacies can extend their hours to accommodate last-minute shoppers and those needing late-night medical advice. This flexibility can be a significant relief for people juggling holiday preparations and health concerns.

5. Telehealth Services for Remote Consultations

For those unable to visit the pharmacy in person, offering telehealth services can be a boon. Remote consultations for non-emergency symptoms can save time and reduce the stress of having to travel to a pharmacy during the busy holiday period.

6. Promotions on Immunity Boosters and Supplements

Lastly, offering promotions on vitamins and supplements that boost immunity can be a proactive approach to health during the winter months. These can be positioned as ideal stocking stuffers or thoughtful gifts for health-conscious individuals.

In conclusion, the holiday season is a time for joy and celebration, but it also brings the challenge of increased respiratory illnesses. By offering special deals on relevant health services like point-of-care testing, bundled health packages, and extended hours, pharmacies can play a pivotal role in keeping their communities healthy and happy during this festive time.


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