New York State Employee Testing Sites

New York State Employee Testing Sites

Serving the state in a time of need

Thank you for your willingness to serve the state of New York and its employees as an official Covid-19 testing site. Filling this important need is sure to help fill your aisles with goodwill and repeat customers—a win-win for your community and for your pharmacy. 

Features & Benefits for Participating Pharmacies

  • Receive $15 for every monitored test collection.
  • Your pharmacy will be listed as a designated collection site, increasing awareness of and foot traffic to your store.
  • Saliva tests ensure minimal contact with patients and specimens to protect your pharmacy staff.
  • No purchase required by Pharmacy, test kits and software access provided free of charge for NY state employee testing
  • ‘Scan, spit and go’ system requires minimal staff time.
  • No shipping requirements, daily courier service provided.

5 Minute Testing Process:

  • New York state employees will register online, sign a consent form and receive a unique QR-Code via email and/or text through the SiteLabs Platform.
  • Walk-ins are welcome.
  • The pharmacy staff will follow a simple Scan, Spit and Go workflow:
    • When the patient arrives at your pharmacy for testing, scan the test kit QR-Code and the state employee’s QR-code.
    • Observe the patient collection: Patient fills tube with saliva, seals the tube, inserts tube into bag and places bag into the collection box
    • Patient is free to leave and they will receive their results via text message or email within 48 hours
  • Daily courier service will be provided to pick up specimens.  

Fill out the form below to apply or email for more information!

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