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Response to CDC Policy Change

The value of the SiteLabs Digital Platform is far more than just reporting negative results. Our customers tell us that having the patient arrive to a prepaid, consented, and scheduled appointment saves them a tremendous amount of staff time. In addition, having the patient's test results delivered automatically is also a time saver.


While the CDC no longer requires negative Covid test results, it does still require positive ones; so the reporting requirements remain and are no less easy to administer. While the requirements have changed, one thing we’ve learned through the pandemic is that Covid is not going away anytime soon. Current reports (Barron’s) from England and Europe are showing a resurgence of infections with the BA.2 Omicron variant that is already making an appearance in the US.


As the CDC continues to update its policies, SiteLabs will have the appropriate reporting requirements in place. How are you currently handling reporting? Let our team know if there's anything we can do to help.